September 2023

Tianao and Yi-Chun arrive at Northwestern to begin their PhDs!

Emma teaches Natural & Artificial Vision at IITDM Jabalpur as a Fulbright Specialist.

July 2023

Tianao presents his galaxy deconvolution paper at Northwestern's Astro Imaging Workshop, organized by Emma and Jason Wang

Kerem presents a poster on hyperspectral colorization at ICCP, where Emma launches a three-pronged DEI program as inaugural DEI & Outreach Chair.

Emma participates in STEAM Scholars Summer Camp.

June 2023

Emma's work with the YW Tech Lab receives a Northwestern Racial Equity and Community Partnership Grant!

Yi-Chun receives the Taiwan-Northwestern Doctoral Scholarship!

May 2023

Emma receives a Fulbright specialist program award.

April 2023

Yi-Chun Hung and Tianao Li accept admission to Northwestern for their PhDs!

The lab is thrilled to receive support from Dolby!

Read about Tianao's MNRAS letter in Northwestern Now, Popular Science, and The Register.

Emma joins the Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics (CIERA) at Northwestern.

March 2023

Emma kicks off a new advanced elective course, CS 396 Natural and Artificial Vision.

Congratulations to Yiran Zhang and Kelly Jiang for completing their master's degrees!

Our outreach work with YWCA is highlighted in McCormick Engineering News: "Building a More Inclusive Tech Ecosystem."

February 2023

"Thermal Spread Functions (TSF): Physics-guided Material Classification" accepted at CVPR 2023.

Tianao's paper "Galaxy Image Deconvolution for Weak Gravitational Lensing with Unrolled Plug-and-Play ADMM" accepted as an MNRAS Letter!

January 2023

Diya Basrai joins the lab as a NUIN rotation student!


November 2022

Current Biology publishes Optic Flow in the Natural Habitats of Zebrafish Supports Spatial Biases in Visual Self-Motion Estimation, see project page. Media coverage by Northwestern (reposted by, ScienceDaily), the Independent  (reposted by MSN, Yahoo News), the British Times and more reached an estimated 1.5 mil readers.

Emma and the Morehouse lab have beamtime at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory.

October 2022

Emma launches YW Tech Lab tutoring with Sarah Van Wart and the YWCA

Emma becomes a member of the Northwestern University Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (NUIN) program.

September 2022

Emma offers a graduate seminar, CS 496 Computational Optics.

Tianao Li begins his senior thesis!

Yiran Zhang and Kelly Jiang begin their masters theses!

Emma joins the Cognitive Science Program Committee.

August 2022

Kerem Aydin arrives from Turkey to begin his PhD!

Emma serves as Community & Broadcasting Chair for ICCP.

June 2022

Emma organizes the Computational Cameras and Displays workshop at CVPR.

May 2022

Emma gives AI brown bag lunch talk: "Bio-Inspired Low Level Vision".

April 2022

Emma gives an invited talk at the Redwood Meeting at UC Berkeley: "Modeling Constraints on Fisher Information".

Tianao Li begins a summer project on astronomical imaging!

Emma gives NU Neurobiology Seminar: "Reverse-Engineering Visual Systems".

March 2022

Emma joins the Computer Science Department at Northwestern as an Assistant Professor.


August 2021

Thrilled to share that I'll be joining the Computer Science department at Northwestern University!

June 2021

I co-organized the virtual CVPR Computational Cameras and Displays Workshop on June 20.  You can check out the talks here. 

May 2021

ICCP 2021 talk: Depth from Differential Defocus as a Special Case of the Transport of Intensity Equation 

VSS 2021 talk: Self-Motion Cues in the Natural Habitats of Zebrafish Support Lower Visual Field Bias -- A big thank you to VSS for the "travel" award covering conference fees. 

April 2021

Congratulations to my BAIR undergrad mentee Ellin Zhao for choosing UCLA for her PhD! It's a great fit for her combined passions for high-quality research and social impact. 

Congratulations to my undergraduate mentee and ICCP coauthor Leyla Kabuli for receiving the NSF graduate research fellowship and for choosing Berkeley for her PhD! I'm so excited to see her future work. 

I gave the  UCLA/Caltech Grundfest Memorial Lecture on differential defocus in photography and microscopy – recording available on the project page.